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Nursery Admissions

We have available 

  • Morning Nursery - 15 hours
  • Morning Nursery - 15 hours plus lunch pick up at 12.30pm
  • 30 hours Nursery 
  • Optional afternoon sessions
  • Wrap around care 7.30am - 6pm

The Early years is all about learning through play!

At Holy Trinity, the journey of learning for our children commences with a hands-on exploration of the world around them, utilising all their senses. Our approach encourages outdoor learning, providing ample opportunities for investigation and discovery. While some activities may leave your child a bit messy, they will love school and learn valuable lessons along the way, often without even realising it!

In the Nursery setting, phonics, literacy, and numeracy concepts are introduced through interactive and engaging practical tasks. What sets our early years program apart is the opportunity for nursery children to learn alongside their peers in Reception, fostering collaboration and allowing for accelerated progress and challenges in their early learning journey. This dynamic environment ensures that each child receives tailored support and ample opportunities for growth as they embark on their educational path at Holy Trinity.