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We expect every child to be excited and curious about natural phenomena. Their investigations and experimentation will link them to great scientists of history and to the exciting scientific community that we have in this country today. 

We want pupils to develop a complex knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but also adopt a broad range of skills in working scientifically and beyond. The science learning journey at our school is inclusive and meaningful, so all pupils may experience the joy of science and make associations between their science learning and their lives outside the classroom. Studying science allows children to appreciate how new knowledge and skills can be fundamental to solving arising global challenges.

Our approach to science is a spiral curriculum, with essential knowledge and skills revisited with increasing complexity, allowing pupils to revise and build on their previous learning. An example of this is in the ‘Plants’ and ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ units. This begins with basic understanding of plant anatomy, before moving onto growth and reproduction before branching this knowledge out to understanding the same systems in animals before ultimately looking at complex topics such as evolution and inheritance in year 6. A range of engaging recall activities promote frequent pupil reflection on prior learning, ensuring new learning is approached with confidence. The ‘Science in Action’ strand is interwoven throughout the scheme to make the concepts and skills relevant to pupils and inspiring for future application. Cross-curricular links are included throughout each unit, allowing children to make connections and apply their science skills to other areas of learning.

Our pupils will leave school equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge to succeed in Key Stage 3 Science. They will have the necessary tools to confidently and meaningfully question and explore the world around them as well as critically and analytically experience and observe phenomena. Pupils will also understand the significance and impact of science on society and how the discoveries they will make can change the world for all of us.

Our Science Learning Journey