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Year 5 - Sycamore

Welcome to Year 5. This year, we are going to be learning lots of new and exciting concepts in a wide range of subjects.  We will be flying out of our atmosphere to explore space and our solar system in English and Science before diving into our big blue buddy that is the ocean in Geography and English. Children will time travel all the way back to Tudor Times in History and then climb the highest peaks in the Alps to see what it is like to live there. Finally, children will land in the desert to see what life is like there. 

Year 5 is an exciting year to deepen knowledge gained from previous years in Maths. We will be gaining lots of experience in coding in our computing lessons and developing our skills and understanding of rules in a wide range of sports. 

There will be lots of fun, exploring, learning and enjoyment throughout the year. 

Mrs Davenport