Cricket tournament

7th June 2017
On 7th June, Holy Trinity cricket team participated in a challenging cricket tournament which took place at the Middlesex County Ground.  We couldn't wait!  There were 20 teams at the ground, all ready to perform to their potential.  Holy Trinity, who were excited for the challenges ahead, played their first game with courage, never giving up.  We successfully managed to win our first match.  Our hopes were high.
Finally, it was time for the second match.  We were top of the table at this point.  We went into the second match with our heads held high, ready to perform to the pinnacle of our capability.  Suddenly, Nathan succeeded in performing two incredible catches enabling us to gain 10 points.  We thought it couldn't get any better, when all of a sudden Aaron caught an amazing catch.  It was soon over and we realised we had won!
We had to win our third game to get into the quarter finals.  It grew tense.  Throughout the game some fantastic batting from Joseph gained us 34 points.  It was a draw and it went to penalties, where we had to bowl one ball at the stump and whoever got the first hit won - luckily we managed to hit the stump!  Sadly, the quarter final was not so successful; we had lost.
We would like to say thank you to Cricket Pete for training us, Mr. Hancock for driving the minibus as well as Mrs. Baynes and Mr. Cussons for their support.
Report by Nathan and John.