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The Eco Committee was reformed in November 2020 at the request of a Year 5 pupil – there had previously been an Eco Committee several years before this but it had not done any work for a while. The committee consists of 2 Eco Ambassadors from every class, with meetings being facilitated by Mrs Henton and Revd Ann Lynes.

One of the first jobs of the Eco Committee was to establish 3 targets to work on as a school following an environmental review undertaken by every class. Our 3 targets were litter, waste and water. Over the next 2 years we worked very hard to improve our scores on all areas of the environmental review and we were delighted to be awarded an Eco Schools Green Flag in June 2022. A comment from the assessors was: “You scored really highly on the Eco-Schools Environmental Review this year! Well done! This shows the Eco-Schools Team that environmental education and action is at the heart of everything your school does! We can’t believe how much work you have managed to achieve since 2020 especially during Covid restrictions, well done!”

Projects undertaken by the Eco Committee have included providing plants for classrooms and communal areas in the school; litter picking in the playground, the churchyard and around Northwood; organising cycle and scooter storage; encouraging walking to school by awarding house points; recycling stationery from every classroom; recycling crisp packets to be made into blankets for homeless people and taking part in Green Jumper Day (which was also a meat free lunch day).

Pupils and staff are kept up to date with Eco initiatives through regular assemblies led by the Eco Ambassadors. Reminders and new ideas such as the recycling of blister packs for tablets and using recyclable wraps/containers for packed lunches are signposted to parents via the school newsletter. We have collaborated with St. Martin’s school and hosted a meeting for the teacher in charge of Bishop Ramsey School’s Eco Committee. Our Eco Ambassadors are also on Holy Trinity Church’s Creation Care group, as is Mrs Henton.

The Eco Committee have held a number of competitions such as making a sculpture out of recycled materials and a sunflower growing competition. The Eco Ambassadors have themselves also taken part in competitions and some of them are Blue Peter Green Badge holders. Our older Eco Ambassadors have written letters to the local press and wrote a blog about light pollution for the Holy Trinity Church website.

We are currently working on a joint project with St. Martin’s School to raise awareness of the dangers of driving too quickly past a school, waiting with your engine idling and parking inconsiderately.

Holy Trinity’s Eco Code

Walk or cycle
If you can.
This is the beginning
Of our plan.

Electricity matters
And water does too.
Turn off what you don’t need
And keep it off too!

Care for our community
And please don’t drop -
Throw it in the bin.
Let’s just stop!

Always think
Before you buy.
Borrow, reuse.
It’s worth a try.

Reduce and recycle,
Change our ways.
Let’s make new things
Out of what can’t be erased.

Educate everyone,
Spread the word.
Let’s raise our voices,
We want this to be heard!



Growing vegetables outside Maple Class
Growing vegetables outside Maple Class
One of our tallest sunflower competition winners
One of our tallest sunflower competition winners
Eco Ambassadors ready for litter picking outside the school grounds
Eco Ambassadors ready for litter picking outside the school grounds
Y3 and Y4 Eco Ambassadors visited St. Martin’s Eco Garden
Y3 and Y4 Eco Ambassadors visited St. Martin’s Eco Garden