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Design and Technology

We expect every child should master Design and Technology to such an extent that they can go on to have careers within Design and Technology and make use of design and technology effectively in their everyday lives. They are engineers - looking at problems and creating solutions.

We also recognise that a curriculum has to adapt to the needs of the children and their wider needs. Obesity rates have risen sharply amongst 10 and 11 year-olds in England and have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. This is why we have placed cooking and nutrition at the heart of our Design and Technology curriculum, with children learning about seasonal foods, the difference between fresh and processed and giving them the skills to prepare their own healthy meals.

All other skills of Design and Technology are embedded in our curriculum and build on prior learning.

Our children enjoy and value Design and Technology and know why they are doing things, not just how. Children understand and appreciate the value of Design and Technology in the context of their personal well-being and the creative and cultural industries and their many career opportunities. Our Design and Technology curriculum contributes to children’s personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. This is seen in them being able to talk confidently about their work, and sharing their work with others.

Our pupils leave primary school equipped with a range of skills and the confidence and creativity to continue building the ability to solve problems and effectively build solutions at Key Stage 3 and beyond.