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Data Protection

Through the school’s admission process and subsequent annual data collection, we seek and review parental consent for the use of digital / video / photographic images which play an important part in learning activities. Pupils and members of staff may use digital cameras or a tablet computer to record evidence of activities in lessons and out of school. These images may then be used in presentations in subsequent lessons.

Images may also be used to celebrate success through their publication in school communications, on the school website, Google Classroom and occasionally in the public media. Please note we will only use a child’s full name with specific parental permission. Our policy regarding the use of names is that we will not publish images with pupils’ names in any situation without the specific consent of the child’s parent / carer.

Through the school’s expectation of homework and instances of remote learning, all pupils use Google Classroom and a number of apps in and out of school, including Doodle. The basic use of learning apps of this nature do not require opt-in consent as the lawful basis for processing pupil data falls under ‘public task’.

However, within Doodle there are additional features which we wish to draw to your attention, ie. leaderboards, newsfeed and ‘secret files’. The school does not use the leaderboard feature but pupils do have access to the newsfeed and ‘secret files’ options, which allow them to view friends’ streak history/progress and their robots. This information is only visible to other pupils within your child/ren’s own class(es). Siblings may also see each other’s data. There is an opt-out option for the additional active features if you do not wish your child/ren’s name(s) to be visible (ie. removal of progress/robot) within the newsfeed and ‘secret files’ and this can be actioned by emailing Mrs Went, our Maths Lead, via admin@holytrinitynorthwood.org. Please note, all children are still expected to undertake their Doodle homework.

We notify families of forthcoming school activities and events through letters/email communication and the school website. Occasionally, there are impromptu learning/enrichment opportunities whereby advance notice has not been possible. Therefore, to ensure transparency and consistency, the school will always refer to the parental consent information held on file. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the school in writing of any changes. The school is unable to continue to contact individuals to clarify consent on an ad hoc basis.

The school will continue to seek consent for new data processing as and when this arises and will update future permission forms accordingly.

Please find below an overview of the school permissions requiring consent and examples of what they encompass. As highlighted thereon, consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the School Office via admin@holytrinitynorthwood.org. If you wish to review the permissions held on file for your child/ren, please contact Mrs Kenny in the School Office.

A copy of our updated privacy notice can be found here.

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