Art Club visit Manet Exhibition at Royal Academy

9th March 2013

On Monday 4th March, the Holy Trinity ‘Da Vinci’ Art Club travelled on a coach to The Royal Academy of Arts. We travelled to the Academy to view the jaw-dropping and exhilarating Manet exhibition, which is exhibited for a limited amount of time.

The Art Club took part in two workshops. During the first workshop we studied a handful of the many paintings created by Manet.

The Art Club then explored the exhibition viewing the many portraits and landscapes of Manet. We had excellent tour guides who helped us to study the paintings carefully.

Later on we took part in our second workshop where we painted popular figures studying tonal shades.
After enjoying our well earned packed lunch, the Art Club then made the long journey back home. There was much excitement on the coach as we discussed the events of our day.

Thank you to Mr Girton and Ms Stocker for accompanying us to The Royal Academy of Arts.

We would also like to give special thanks to Mrs Matthews for organising this great opportunity for Art Club to learn more about the world of Art.

Report written by Haider and Otis