Cedar Class Mexicolore Day

24th February 2015

Cedar Class learned a huge amount from a visit by Mexicolore this week.  Their topic is The Maya, a new topic introduced because of the revised National Curriculum, and Mexicolore certainly brought the Maya to life for the children and adults involved!  As you can see from the photos, all the children were dressed up in costumes provided by the company – some were dressed as ordinary people, but some were chiefs and even gods.  The morning was well organised with a mixture of information giving and activities – stories were told using the children as actors, there was a lot of music and dance and even an exciting game with a rubber ball (did you know the Maya invented the ‘vulcanisation’ of rubber among many other things?) where participants were not allowed to use their hands or feet.


During the afternoon, the class made guacamole and tomato salsa which they enjoyed eating with tortilla chips.  Their Maya meal was washed down with spicy hot chocolate.