Fair Trade Tea Dance 1.3.13

3rd March 2013

We were delighted to see so many families at our Fair Trade Tea Dance on Friday 1st March.  There was an amazing range of cakes to sample, some of which were so beautifully decorated we couldn't bring ourselves to cut them up so we raffled them instead!  Have a look at some of the pictures to see what we mean.  Congratulations to the winning master bakers, Zoe, Claire and John for all their hard work.  Well done to everyone who got baking, it was an extremely hard task to decide on the winners.

Many thanks to Asda, Sainsbury's, Starbucks, Tesco and Waitrose for sponsoring the event and donating Fair Trade products.  Thanks also to the Choir for performing in a very small space and to all the people who listened to them!  Finally, if you were wondering why there were little paper people with cube shaped heads on your table, go to the Fair Trade website (http://step.fairtrade.org.uk/) and join the Fair Trade March.  Paper people will be descending on Parliament Square to encourage the Government to do more in support of Fair Trade.