Fun Science Day

17th March 2017
The children arrived to school full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. Lots of effort had gone into their Mad Scientist Costumes and they all proudly showed them off as they paraded around the playground. 
The day got off to a great start. Boffin Jay (from Science Boffins) led the assembly which was a spectacle to watch! It was full of lots of bangs, fizzes and foaming liquids. Boffin Jay left the children wanting more, which was a good job as he stayed with us until the end of the day - running workshops. 
He managed to cover lots in the 30minutes that he spent with each class, the highlight being that each child made ice cream using dry ice and got to eat it too!
All children also took part in the Great Holy Trinity Spaghetti Challenge where they were challenged to build the tallest tower possible that was also strong enough to hold an egg. Maple class were exceptional at this!!
Aside from the central activities, each class teacher also had exciting Science activities planned for their classes. Here is a short summary of some of the activities that took place:
Maple Class visited the Kingdom of Diss (from the Dr Seuss book Barholomew and the Oobleck) where the King demanded that they make Oobleck - green goo to you and me!! 
Oak Class spent the day exploring all the different states of materials...they used this knowledge to make rice krispie cakes.. and of course lots of goo!!
Ash Class had great fun using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create their own erupting volcanoes. 
Willow Class spent the day investigating who had broken into their classroom. They used the clues around their room to help them. Footprints and arm span widths helped them determine the height of the intruder. They also took fingerprints from suspects to compare to those found at the scene.
Cedar Class attended Spy School where they had several missions (set by Agent Science) that they needed to complete to pass. They made anti-theft devices, dusted for fingerprints and designed secret mission boats. 
Sycamore Class were set a challenge - to make a disc fly!!! They used their knowledge of forces to select their materials.
Redwood Class became chemists for the day. They used chromatography to separate different colours in ink and created fabulous Bath fizzers using their knowledge of chemical reactions. 
We'd like to say thank you to parents for the contributions that you made towards the day. Without your continued support these educational fun days would be impossible. 
Mrs. Baynes
Science Subject Leader