Harvest Supper

12th October 2013

Families and friends of the school came together on Friday 11th October to share a meal.  The evening commenced with the Choir singing, followed by two songs which required audience participation. After a blessing from Richard Bartlettt, everyone settled down to enjoy the amazing platters of food prepared by our indefatiguable PTFA members.  Drinks were being sold by some amazingly well dressed bar staff in the ICT Suite which had magically transformed into a cosy bar area.  Once everyone had eaten, tables and chairs were moved back and the dancing commenced.  All the songs had been chosen by the children, which ensured a packed dance floor.

Many thanks to the PTFA for handling the administration, doing the shopping, preparing the food, setting out the Hall and the ICT Suite, running the bar and clearing it all up afterwards.  Special mention needs to be made of Carl Landsbert, our DJ for the night, who performed his duties with aplomb!  We would also like to thank Gary Hancock, the Premises Manager, who spent most of Saturday hoovering and moving furniture so the School could be back to normal for Monday morning.

More photos (of varying quality) can be seen in the Galleries section of the website.