Arts Week 2014

13th June 2014

Monday 9th - Friday 13th June


On Monday, every child in the school took part in a workshop about multi-cultural music. This included playing African drums, a didgeridoo, Brazilian berimbaus (an instrument you may see and hear a lot more of during the next couple of weeks), Indian sitars and a Chinese cheung harp, not to mention Year 6’s special treat, a really long alphorn.

If you had walked past the Church Hall on Monday you might have been forgiven for thinking there was a thunderstorm due to the sound of 30 children playing drumming games and banging drums very loudly and simultaneously – thank goodness there was no-one working in the Parish Office! The children also learned some dance moves and were entertained by the multi- talented Earthsong team playing an enormous variety of instruments. We are very grateful to the parents who have contributed towards the cost of such an exceptional day.



The word “Oekos” comes from Greek and means a family group. The idea of Oekos at Holy Trinity School is that children work in teams of mixed year groups to undertake practical challenges.

This week Key Stage 1 had an Oekos afternoon, while Key Stage 2 had a whole Oekos day! Children practised excellent life skills, working with other people they may never have worked with before while they co-operated to produce a range of artistic creations encompassing the fields of dance, drama, art, craft, music and ICT. As with Messy Church, the most popular activity for KS2 was cake decorating!

Again, many thanks to those parents who provided the finance so that we could buy the huge range of resources necessary to provide your children with these fantastic experiences.


Year 5 and Year 6 Arts Careers Fair

How interesting and talented our staff, parents, friends and families are! We were delighted to welcome so many adults who have careers in the Arts to our Careers Fair. The adults (one of whom is an ex-pupil) talked to the children about the skills they need to use in their job, what they love about their job and some of the disadvantages.

After the presentations, the children had the opportunity to talk to the adults in more depth and look at some of the materials and information they had brought with them. Many thanks to Mr. Brown and Mr. Girton (school staff), Mrs. Lardner and Mrs. Bucknill (parents), Mrs. Rentzsch, Mr. Dale and Mr. Henton (family!), Aaron Phillips (ex-pupil) and Kurt (Art teacher at Harrow School).

Between them this talented bunch featured graphic designers, props and scenery designers, photographers, a garden designer, a foley artist (no, we didn’t know what one was either – it’s someone who puts the sound effects into films) and a professional musician.


Samba Dancing workshops

Over the last couple of days we have been infected with World Cup Fever, so we thought we should teach the children some fun dance steps from Brazil. Every class has had a lively samba dancing workshop with our resident dance expert, Miss Poole. If you’d like to see what they’ve learned, come to the International Evening next Thursday, 19th June, where the children will be demonstrating their superior samba skills!


Summer Music Concert

Last night saw a host of talented pupils plus some ex-pupils, staff and parents who entertained us with an amazing variety of musical experiences.

So much hard work had gone into the performances, we were delighted that everyone had the opportunity to showcase what they can do. The orchestra and string ensemble started off the evening joyfully with their first ever public performance. It is impossible to mention everyone who took part as there were 37 acts featuring over 80 different people, but well done to all the performers for entertaining us with their singing, playing, rapping and dancing. We are delighted to inform you that we raised £327 for Mkhanakhoti School. 


You can view photos from Arts Week in the gallery, please take time to take a look!