Latest News from Malawi

30th November 2020
Latest News from Malawi:
We are delighted that the roof and floor are now finished on the new classrooms at Mkanakhoti School in time for the rainy season.  The classrooms will provide much needed shelter for the Year 1 and Year 2 children whose classes are so big that only half the class fits into the classroom and the other half used to have lessons outside under a tree.  Due to coronavirus, there is staggered attendance at school so the new classrooms are currently being used by Year 1 and Year 2 on one day and then Year 3 and Year 4 the next day.  
Here is a message from one of the local chiefs:
Let me take this opportunity on behalf of the children, teachers, chiefs, school management committee and all other stake holders to thank Holy Trinity for this wonderful contribution.  May the relationship grow from strength to strength for the mutual benefit of the two schools.