Memorial Plaque for Lollipop John

8th November 2020
Memorial Plaque in Remembrance of 'Lollipop John'
(9th April 1933 - 4th October 2019)
Henry John Haslett, fondly known to families and staff as 'Lollipop John', was the devoted road safety guardian for those using the zebra crossing on the Rickmansworth Road next to our school.  John was held in our enormous regard and affection and he was very much part of our school and local community.  
On behalf of Holy Trinity School, Mr Hancock (our Site Manager) had been in discussions with the Hillingdon School Travel and Road Safety Team to organise a memorial plaque as a wonderful lasting memory of Lollipop John's dedicated years of service. 
Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, the official unveiling of the plaque by Cllr Burrows has had to be postponed. However, the local authority have given permission for the plaque to be erected and we wished to share the news with our local community. 
Please do take a moment to stop briefly (adhering to social distancing guidelines) to view the plaque and remember Lollipop John in your thoughts and prayers. The plaque is located on the School House fence next to the zebra crossing.