Mkanakhoti School

Mkanakhoti School

School Profile

Mkanakhoti School is a located in the northern part of Kasungu district in Malawi. There are nine teachers at the school. It is a government school but with a local school management committee that assists the Headteacher in the day to day running of the school. The whole school management structure consists of the School Committee, PTA (Parents Teachers Association) then on professional matters the Head teacher reports to the District Education Manager.

Like other primary schools in Malawi, Mkanakhoti School teaches the following subjects: English, Maths, Religious Education, General Studies, Agriculture, Home economics and Science.  

Benefits of the Link

The successful partnership between Holy Trinity and Mkanakhoti:

  • Enables the sharing of experiences about education between the two schools
  • Greatly assists children to understand the wider world after learning about the life of their peers
  • Enables teachers to enhance their professional skills through dialogue and interaction with fellow teachers
At least once a year, a container is sent out to Malawi.  Holy Trinity regularly sends out much needed supplies of stationery and clothing.  If you have anything you would like to donate, please speak to the School Office.


To help everyone remember how important it is to wash your hands the correct way and to remind them when to wash their hands, the whole school designed posters with the help of their family for homework. The posters are based on the words of our handwashing song plus all the work we have done recently to teach the school community about good health and hygiene. We have shared the posters with our link school, Mkanakhoti.
Mair Henton