Global Handwashing Day and News from Malawi

15th October 2020
Today, 15th October, is Global Handwashing Day and all the UK and Malawian Schools which are part of Starfish Malawi have been reflecting on the importance of handwashing and the challenges faced by communities where water and soap are not easily accessible. Starfish Malawi have been instrumental in providing handwashing facilities in many communities and children and staff at Mkanakhoti School are fortunate in having a borehole right next to the school from which they can transport water in buckets to facilitate handwashing.
Please click on the link below to view the PowerPoint presentations shown in KS1 and KS2 classes today.
The new classroom block now has a roof, paid for by your generous sponsorship when Holy Trinity children did a sponsored bounce in June 2019. The final part of the building process, installing a concrete floor, is currently taking place so the classrooms will be ready to use soon. The classrooms will be used by Standards 1 and 2 (the equivalent of our Year 1 and 2) because each of those year groups has so many children that previously half of each class had to work outside under a tree. Children in Malawi are having a phased return to school and just like schools in England, they have staggered start and finish times. Cases of coronavirus are not as prevalent in Malawi as in the UK.