Officers and Class Reps 2017 + Raising Funds

Parent, Teacher and Friends' Association



Executive Chair           Revd. Norris 

Chair                             Julia Gomersall (Y3 and Y6 parent)

Vice Chair                     Hinal Carson (Y1 parent)

Secretary                      Kim Edwards (Y1 and Y5 parent)

Treasurer                      Kim Kelly (Y3 parent)


2017 - 2018 Class representatives

Acorns                           Vanisha Gamadia and Clare Rodenas

Maple                            Jo Ment and Leanne Ryan

Oak                                Rachel Slattery and Hinal Carson

Ash                                 Deirdre Carroll and Nina Brown

Willow                           Simon Gomersall and Kate Cary

Cedar                             Sarah Bowers and Sarah Gunasekera

Sycamore                      Kim Edwards and Nicola Bradshaw

Redwood                      Karen Baker and Anne Anderton


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