PTFA Logo Competition

18th May 2018
As you know, we are exceedingly blessed to have an outstanding and immeasurably enthusiastic and hard-working PTFA. It is no secret that owing to funding constraints, without their help and support, our children would enjoy significantly fewer resources to enhance their learning.

The PTFA is voluntarily run very professionally and in a caring way and we would like them to have their own logo, to enrich their documentation and reflect the importance of their work and valued standing in our school community.

Homework for the forthcoming half term can be a family effort to design and present a logo which simply, but effectively reflects the ethos of Holy Trinity PTFA.  The chosen logo will be replicated for use on PTFA communications, so it cannot have too much fine detail; this may be a case of 'less is more'. Do try to include reference to our Christian ethos.

Please submit your logo on or by, return to school after half term on Tuesday 5th June.