Reading & Phonics

The reading scheme we use at Holy Trinity consists of a variety of books from different publishers.  In the initial stages of reading we use decodeable reads, mainly BBC Words and Pictures, interspersed with Rigby Star and Collins Big Cat books. As the children become more fluent readers they independently choose from boxes of banded books at differing levels, these are referred to by colours.  These books consist of Oxford Reading Tree, National Geographic, Rigby Star, PM Story Books, Collins Big Cat and Ginn Lighthouse books. When the children are confident, independent readers they move onto Ginn Pocket books. 

In November 2017 we introduced "Destination Reader" in our Key Stage 2 classes.  This is a structured programme followed by every child from Year 3 to Year 6 which teaches higher order reading skills in a systematic fashion.  Children in KS2 are benefiting from being able to read a wide selection of new books provided by our PTFA.  The new books are colour coded according to children's ability as in Key Stage 1 but they are real books, not reading scheme books.

From Nursery to Year 3, children follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, working in a group with other children who are at the same stage. In Key Stage 2 children receive spelling lessons based on the spellings for their year group as outlined in the National Curriculum for English.  Children in Key Stage 2 also receive three "Phonics to Spelling" sessions each week.