6th November 2020
There will be a live streamed Remembrance Service for all Churches / Synagogues / Schools, Membership clubs and communities in Northwood and Northwood Hills. The live stream is planned to start approximately at 10:50 with the two-minute silence at 11:00 on Sunday 8th November. Families will be able to access the service through the following link: or you can search for “Northwood Live” on YouTube through your TV / Sky box.
Families have also received notification through a separate letter.

We would also like to share an example of the inspiring poetry which Year 6 pupils have been writing this week:


The lie of many clueless tongues, by Donovan


Looking across this murderous sea,

there is only destruction waiting for me.

Rifle in hand,

I’m told it is grand, to die for your country, the blessed homeland.

That lie has cost many,

but not the cost as in pound or penny.

The cost is the young lads that were unready.


I am one of the many, not few,

that was dragged into this without a clue.

If only all the young ones knew the horrors that lie waiting for you …