Sports Premium Report

The school receives an annual PE and Sport Premium of £8,891. In 2016 - 2017 this funding has been used to:
  • Fund a PE coach to increase engagement and participation in sports activities at lunchtime (£7718.75)
  • Provide lesson plans, multimedia resources and assessments for the teaching of PE through the Champions Scheme of Work which introduces new sports and activities eg Pilates and Kickboxing (£600)
  • Provide staff training in using the new scheme of work £572.25
As a result:
  • Staff are more confident in planning for PE lessons that have a high level of challenge and more precise differentiation for the needs of pupils.
  • All children have been assessed as a baseline to enable better differentiation and to show progress.
  • More children are involved in PE and Sport at lunchtime and feedback from pupils and lunchtime staff has been extremely positive.
Swimming lessons take place from February in Year 4 through to February in Year 5.  In the current Year 6 class (2017 - 2018) 24 out of 28 children have successfully achieved National Curriculum swimming criteria.