Spring Concert

30th April 2015
We were delighted to see so many families attending our Spring Concert this year.  As ever, we were entertained by a host of talented children who sang, played instruments, danced, performed speeches and told terrible jokes!  Many thanks to Holy Trinity Church (particularly the Choir, who normally rehearse on a Thursday night) for letting us use the Church building as otherwise we would not have been able to fit everyone into the School Hall.  A big thank you also to Carl Landsbert for making sure that even the quietest performer could be heard.  Finally, thank you to everyone who donated money to Mkanakhoti School - as you heard in the weather report, it is likely that there will be many Malawians going hungry this year because of the change in the weather, so we are trying to do everything we can to help.
More photos are available for viewing in the Galleries section of the website.