Y5 and Y6 Choir at Sunshine House Christmas Extravaganza

13th December 2017
The highlight of the Choir's year took place on 13th December when Year 5 and Year 6 Choir members experienced Sunshine House's Christmas Extravaganza.  On entering Sunshine House, we walked through a corridor which looked remarkably like Hogwarts although the pictures of staff on the wall weren't moving.  We then moved through the luminous world of Sponge Bob to reach the Hall where Father Christmas and his wife were sitting in their living room.  On going outside again, the children were entranced by an array of small and not so small animals which included a donkey, some goats, chickens and a very cute alpaca as well as mice, rats and rabbits for the choir to cuddle.  After running the gauntlet of a snow machine, the choir came back into the hall to perform a collection of Christmas songs.  Many thanks to Mrs. Perin for accompanying us.  More photos are available to view in the Gallery section of the website.