Year 4 Maya Day

24th February 2017
Maya Day
On Friday 24th February. Cedar class were transported back in time to the days of the Ancient Maya. 
The morning was run by a company called Mexicolore. They used artefacts, costumes, music, dance, drama and lots of other resources to bring the culture of the Maya to life. The children got to experience some of the rituals and sports that the Ancient Maya would have taken part in.
" I really enjoyed dressing up and playing the musical instruments that the Maya played."
" I loved taking part in the sports. The ball is much heavier than the footballs we use today."
In the afternoon, the children used some traditional ingredients to make a Mayan feast. They had the opportunity to make their own salsa which, along with the tortillas, was a huge hit. The hot chocolate, on the other hand, was much bitter than the children were used didn't match up to Costa coffee's version!!
"Making the food was lots of fun; I especially liked the salsa."  Milo