Year 4 Stem Challenge Day

23rd February 2017
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenge day - Ruislip Gardens Primary School
On Thursday 23rd February, 5 children from Cedar Class took part in a multi-school STEM Challenge. The day was based around the theme of being shipwrecked on a dessert island and how to survive this. 
A total of 7 schools took part, each one making up one team. There were several tasks throughout the day that challenged the children to use their Science knowledge and engineering skills to come up with objects to overcome problems associated with being shipwrecked. They used their technology skills to decide on the materials that they should use. All the materials that were used, were paid for in the form of shells - so it was essential that the teams used their maths knowledge to budget well. 
"I liked that there were lots of different challenges." Evie
"My favourite challenge was making a raft to hold 60g of weight. We succeeded!". Kabir
"Working together made it easier to come up with lots of ideas quickly."
"I was extremely impressed by our children. They did Holy Trinity proud. Not only did they prove themselves to be scientific thinkers and great team players, they were also extremely polite to everyone that they dealt with. They were the only school to invite another school over to have lunch with them. Well done Ayesha, Emma, Lorenzo, Kabir and Evie."
Mrs Baynes