Yr 6 School Journey - BOOK NOW AVAILABLE

10th June 2014

Dear Parents 

The School Journey book is now available for purchase - the links and an interactive preview of the book are below.

This is by far the largest book I have ever produced for school journey totalling 160 pages and nearly 1000 images - I hope you all enjoy it. 

There are 2 versions: The traditional print book, which is priced at £34.99 + Delivery, however if you are able to get together with other parents there is a 15% discount, if 20 or more books are ordered at once, which will bring the price per book to roughly £30 each. 

There is also an iPad/iPhone/iBooks version which is priced at £10.99. The iPad version is an epub format and can be read on iOS devices and in the iBooks app on Mac Computers. Currently the suppliers say that this file is only readable on the Apple formats listed above, however I am currently testing Android and Windows systems and will update you soon on these. 

To buy the PRINT BOOK follow this link: PRINT BOOK

to but the IPAD EBOOK follow this link: EBOOK